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3rd Generation Eye tightening and lifting Mini CO2 Mole Removal Plasma pen!

Retail Price Tk. 15,500/-

"German Maglev Point Spotting Pen" This product adopts Germany imported 30G ultra-fine needle, which surpasses the current spotting pen on the market, and the ultra-fine needle can be more accurately applied to the target tissue! Skin wounds are only 0.06mm

Most Popular Germany Electric Facial Plasma Spot Removal, Mole Removal & Eye tightening & lifting Pen.


Plasma lift pen is similar to the working principle of CO2 laser cosmetic machine, it uses a new generation of highly efficient power conversion material and chip control technology, high-frequency plasma at low temperature of the discharge to spot the pen nib contact with bad skin spots between the quasi contact state, but at the moment a few millimeters to produce up to 2000 ? high temperature plasma, using plasma body heat effect of carbonation bad spots on the skin, make it disappear permanently.
German maglev dot mole spot pen spray flame is completely different from ordinary flame, it's on the carbide remove bad spots, microvascular rapid solidification can be made not bleeding; Has strong sterilization effect, can clean stain bacteria never relapse, but not damage the surrounding skin dermal tissue; Also make the skin to produce oil film, forming carbon scabs automatically protect the wound from infection, prompting wound healing fast, the day can be in contact with water (do not use lotions and soaps and other chemicals), a week or so carbon scabs fall off naturally, leaving no scars.

Operation steps

1. connect device to power supply
2. Using alcohol to blot out the patient's skin, for big size need to do surface anesthesia
3, keep patient stable and don't move, people handle this instrument also need to keep hand stable.
4, Click the bottom to do treatment, for mole remove need to keep around 5mm distant away from effected area
5. After treatment need to use some anti-inflammatory drugs daub .

* Removal Completely : Instantly removal skin vegetations, strong sterilization. can effect a radical cure never recur.
* Without Dressing : While removal carbon knot scabs protect the wound, the wound is healing fast.
* Easy to use : Plug in out of the box, can put a bag with you.
* No Bleeding : Can avoid various lessions caused by bleeding and medical risk.
* Leaving no scar : Treatment does not hurt dermal tissue, leaving no scar after healing pits.
* Economic and practical : Not need any consumable materials

German magnetic levitation point freckle pen
High-tech skin beauty tools

• Eliminate thoroughly: instantly remove skin mites and strong sterilization;

• No bleeding: avoids various pathological and medical risks caused by bleeding;

• No need to dress up: remove the carbon residue from the side to protect the wound, and the wound heals quickly;

• No scars: no damage to the dermal tissue, no pits after healing;

• Easy to use: the plug-in is ready to use and can be carried in the bag;

• Economical: The spotting pen is cheap and does not require any consumables.

Medicine shows that plasma has a strong coagulation function and is used to remove pigmented nevus, flat warts, scorpions, sweat duct tumors, corns, and other skin mites. The curative effect is obviously better than laser, ion, freezing, and drug corrosion.

German magnetic levitation spot smear pen flaming flame is completely different from ordinary flame. It can quickly coagulate micro vessels to prevent bleeding when removing carbonized sputum. It has strong bactericidal effect and can remove bad spot germs so that it never recurs, but not Injury to the surrounding skin dermal tissue; also allows the skin to produce oil film, the formation of anthrax automatically protects the wound from infection, prompts the wound to heal quickly, and can be exposed to clear water on the same day (not available with facial cleanser and soap), and the carbon sputum naturally falls off within a week or so. No scars left.

For skin sputum, pigmented nevus, flat warts, scorpions, fat granules, hemangioma, etc., no recurrence! No bleeding! It is more obvious in the effect on red blood! !

This machine uses a real German movement! Can be used with confidence!.

Packing list
(a) 1pcs Mole Removal Pen
(b) 1x USB cable
(c) 3x Needle
(d) 1x Manual


Most Popular Germany Tech Plasma Spot & Mole Removal & Eye tightening & lifting Pen!
Retail Price Tk. 15,500/-



















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