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STyliGHT 2 in1 IPL Permanent Laser Hair Removal Machine Electric Bikini Epilator Armpit Leg Trimmer Skin Rejuvenation Women Beauty For Clinic Use.

Work mode: HR (hair removal) mode, SR (skin rejuvenation) whitening mode
Operating handle Lamp Type: Two, 1 for hair removal, 1 for skin rejuvenation
Spectral range: Wide spectrum
Spectral area: 530nm~1100nm (SR) / 650nm~1100nm (HR)
Operating head area: 4.4 cm * 1.6 cm
Energy density: 0~7J / cm2 of
Pulse number: 2 (HR) / 5 (SR)
Level range: 1~10, step 1
Power supply: AC 100V-240V, 50Hz / 60Hz in
Rated input power: 150W
Epilator size: 27 * 23 * 12cm

Product Safety

1. Epilator laser may damage the eyes, do not look directly, it is recommended to wear eye glasses,
2. The product can only be used for body hair removal
3. The same area can not be more than five times
4. Do not disconnect the power when not in use, the epilator on the box
5. Clean the skin before handling
6. Before exchanging the hair removal lamp, please close the epilator

Treatment scope:
Speckle, age spot, sun include freckles and so on
Red flood streak, bottle nose, wrinkles, acne, scar.
Skin rejuvenation
Hair removal (Hair on lip, beard, body hair etc).

Non-invasive, no surgery,
No pain, slight burning sensation in treatment
It won’t affect the normal work and life after treatment
No side effects
Lasting effect

Product packaging
Host and handle * 1
Instruction Manual * 1
Power cord * 1
Hair removal lamp * 1
Whitening lamp * 1
Eyewear * 1

Hair removal asked to answer:

1. hair removal to take off several times, how long?
A: The first part of different, different physique, hair follicle growth cycle is different, the number of times required is also different. Second, different instruments, to achieve the effect is different.
2. What is the number of hairs that are required for optical hair removal?
A: No, hair removal is not the amount of hair to determine the number of treatment, according to the hair growth cycle, the general freezing point of hair removal treatment 4-6 times can be permanently eliminated.
3. What season is more suitable for hair removal?
A: freezing point hair removal without wounds, do not need recovery period, any time can be treated, theoretically no seasonal. But hair removal need to be treated several times, so I suggest you still as soon as possible treatment, so that you can enjoy summer wear summer, wantonly show their beauty Oh
4. Is it painless?
A: In theory, the pain and the difference between the instrument, the degree of personal tolerance, the doctor's operation and control of the choice of energy, so to choose the rest assured that the medical beauty institutions. Frozen hair removal using advanced instruments and experienced physician treatment, both safe and comfortable.
5. Will the skin react after hair removal?
A: After general treatment, may be scattered in the distribution of red papules and slightly red, this reaction will fade in a few hours, freezing point off the hair will not cause damage to the skin, so does not affect the work and normal activities.
6. Does optical hair removal affect sweating?
A: No Hair follicles and sweat glands are separate two structures, hair from the hair follicle grow, and sweat glands are in the hair follicle next to the two is not the same thing. The freezing point of the hair removal process is only the destruction of hair follicle growth cells, will not affect the sweat glands, it will not affect sweating
Time limit gift - body massager

Hair removal principle: 610--1200nm wavelength of intense pulsed light, hair follicles inside the hair and pigment group absorption, the temperature increases, quickly from the hair section of the hair root, do not hurt the normal tissue and sweat glands, destruction of hair bulging, so as to achieve The effect of permanent hair removal.
Rejuvenation principle: the use of 530 - 1200nm wavelength of intense pulsed light energy irradiation of the skin, strong pulsed light biological activity directly used in the dermal layer of collagen cells, so that the collagen under the skin rebirth, increase skin activity, to rejuvenate effect.


2 in1 IPL Permanent Laser Hair Removal Machine Electric Bikini Epilator Armpit Leg Trimmer Skin Rejuvenation Women Beauty For Clinic Use !
Price Tk. 30,000/-


















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