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All in 1 Electric Hair Growth Comb Laser Massage Brush Vibrator

Retail Price Tk. 4,900/- Available Now.
  • Hair growth
  • Vibration massage comb
  • Expand capillary vessel
  • Accelerate blood circulation
  • Activate cells fast repair
  • CE, ROHS (Certificates)

Brand New Laser Comb Brush Hair Loss Hair Growth Treatment Kit

1. Accelerating blood circulation of scalp and promoting metabolism

It can improve blood circulation with the effect up to 20~30% of forehead and even as high as 40~60%for the top of head, thus it can help boost blood circulation and deliver oxygen and nutrition to hair follicle so as to achieve the efficacy of hair loss prevention.

2.Stimulating the hair follicle

It can effectively stimulate hair follicle to activate 83% of hair follicle in a dormant state into active phase in a bid to achieve the effect of reducing hair loss and stimulating hair regeneration.

3.Adjusting oil secretions

Excessive oil secretions may be one of the reasons for baldness and the excessive oil secret ions are caused by sebaceous gland tumefaction and DHT contained in oil may reduce and even shrink the hair follicle, which will eventually lead to baldness. This comb can shrink sebaceous gland, reduce and control oil secretions and improve baldness.

4. Promoting scalp health and improving hair quality

It can accelerate the growing of hair and strengthen its toughness, density and elasticity to make it black and lustrous with irradiating hair follicle of the scalp..


1 * massager comb,
1x charging base
1 x AC/DC Adaptor
1 x manual.




















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