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With there are many spy camera options available in the market today, you really need to step back and focus on what your core needs are for your to be able to make an informed decision regarding the specific model to get. If you are looking for truly crisp, large and vivid video and high picture quality, there is an option for that. If you are looking for extreme mobility features, there are particular lines of Watches and Pen Camera for that need as well. However, another key concern that usually gets much analysis is the amount of storage scalability a particular unit has. If you need to shoot a lot of footage in one take without unloading the data and clearing up storage to shoot more footage, then you need high memory scalability for your unit. This unit has the memory scalability you need in addition to being a great all-around mini camera.


Tk. 3,500/- NO STOCK
Tk.1,900/- NO STOCK
Tk. 2,500/-
  EasyN Night Vision
Tk. 4,500/-
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The Smallest Pin-hole Camera made especially for spy use / personal safety. Digital pen and Watch with high-definition audio and video with recording function, can capture and store HD high-definition video with sound. Has a simple, sleek, beautiful and practical, easy to carry, is essential utility of the field of business, education, security, media, justice, tourism, health care, life, favored by the majority of users.












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